A collaboration to revolutionise textile recycling!

The Loop Factory and Rester proudly announce a strategic partnership in response to the critical challenge of finding circular solutions at scale for non-reusable textiles. The Loop Factory and Rester will join forces to meet the growing need for innovative solutions and contribute to a circular textile landscape in the Nordic market.

Finland/Sweden, March 2024.

With a shared commitment to create a systemic change for textile recycling, the goal is to provide the market with circular material and product solutions based on recycled textiles at scale. Rester and The Loop Factory will combine their strengths in fibre-opening know-how, capacity, and nonwoven technologies to speed up the implementation of recycled textile fibres into different industrial processes.

“I sincerely believe in cross-company collaborations; it’s where we can move forward faster. We are eager to start collaborating with Rester, experts in sourcing and preparing non-reusable textiles for recycling at scale. Their bold moves, curiosity, and forward-looking approach is a perfect match, and our partnership makes us well prepared to develop circular solutions based on recycled textiles,” said Maria Ström, CEO of The Loop Factory.

“The circular transition requires systemic change, committed individuals and cross-company development. Without innovation efforts, a natural culture of change to utilise the opportunities of the circular economy will not emerge. The Loop Factory team has extensive knowledge of different nonwoven structures and technologies. Moreover, they genuinely seek change and have a very innovative mindset. I believe we can create a completely new competitive advantage together and help companies renew their product portfolio,” said Anna-Kaisa Huttunen, Director of Partnerships at Rester.

Combining deep knowledge in building circular textile value chains, The Loop Factory and Rester are ready to revolutionise how recycled textile fibres can create new market opportunities in nonwoven materials.

Both companies are committed to the European Textile Strategy and have deep knowledge in mechanical textile recycling. The partnership creates a new knowledge centre in the Nordic market to explore and support the industrial transformation with innovative nonwoven applications.

“For us, the circular economy revolution isn’t just a trend; it’s our established norm. We are already equipped to provide concrete solutions to our industrial sector customers, marking our commitment to sustainability and driving innovation forward,” said Anna-Kaisa Huttunen and Maria Ström.

Rester was founded in 2019 and started the fibre-opening operations in 2021. Today, Rester has the largest mechanical textile recycling centre in Northern Europe. The Loop Factory was founded in 2015 and is specialised in developing sustainable and circular materials and technology solutions for fibre-based materials.

To stay updated on our progress, please visit The Loop Factory – Circular Innovations and Rester – Helping the world recover. Fiber by fiber.

About The Loop Factory AB:

The Loop Factory is an innovation-driven company with the vision of creating systemic change for a healthy planet. We specialise in developing sustainable and circular materials, products, and technology solutions, primarily focusing on fibre-based materials. Defined by an entrepreneurial spirit and long-term partnerships, our strength lies in unique test and demonstration capabilities including scaling up. This enables rapid development of ideas, concepts, and prototypes with an efficient transition to the market. We support our partners, from individual entrepreneurs and research entities to large global corporations, in developing innovation capacity and accelerating their sustainability agenda.

  • Founder: Anna Altner
  • CEO: Maria Ström
  • Location: Varberg, Sweden’s west coast.
  • Founded in: 2015 Webpage: www.loopfactory.se
About Rester Oy:

Rester specialises in innovative mechanical refinement of end-of-life textiles into new, versatile textile fibres. These fibres serve a broad range of applications, from textile manufacturing to the production of technical nonwoven materials, offering a sustainable alternative to primary raw materials.

We are building global and circular solutions for the B2B market, focusing on textile recycling. Our customer base includes companies that supply end-of-life textiles as well as manufacturers who incorporate recycled fibres into their products. By opting for our recycled fibres, our customers significantly cut down on CO2 emissions. Our fibre products proudly bear the Global Recycle Standard (GRS) certification, underscoring our commitment to quality and sustainability. At the core of our mission is the optimization of material reuse, ensuring that each type of material is utilized to its fullest potential.

Rester is owned by Touchpoint Oy, Lindström Oy, Suomen Teollisuussijoitus Oy (Tesi), Taaleri Oyj, Besodos Investors Oy, founding members and key personnel.

  • Founder: Outi Luukko, Touchpoint Oy and other co-founders
  • CEO: Joachim Colliander
  • Location: Paimio, Southwest Finland, close to Turku and Rydboholm, Sweden’s west coast
  • Founded in: 2019 Webpage: www.rester.fi

Maria Ström, CEO, The Loop Factory: maria.strom@loopfactory.se / +46 (0) 728 02 11 33

Anna-Kaisa Huttunen, Director of Partnerships: anna-kaisa.huttunen@rester.fi / +358 40 738 1015

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