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Here at Rester, we see change every day. We recognize the many challenges that most companies face as they mold their value chain and offering into one that fits the needs of a circular business – we see you! 

It makes us proud to see how much behavioral patterns, business models and the goals set for success are nudged towards something new constantly, even if it requires extra effort and risks. 

Particularly, we see our clients’ and partners’ efforts daily and we want to celebrate this! 

We have found ourselves in appreciation of something our partner did, saying “love how they did this” to each other. Now we want to say this out loud, too!

We tend to look into the future rather than to the rearview mirror, however at this point we want to congratulate our great partners who have recently made the change a part of their daily goal setting. 

Below is a list of our picks for BEST PRACTICES, a collection of actions and efforts done by our partners, seen by the people of Rester. We see you; we commend you!

BEST PRACTICES OF CIRCULAR TEXTILES – picked by the people of Rester

SORTER OF THE YEAR:  Lindström Runosmäki & Sakupe (FIN) and Lindbyvätten (SE)

Sorting the end-of-life textile to different material categories is a crucial part of Rester’s process and quality control. Both Lindström Runosmäki & Sakupe Oy from Finland and Lindbyvätten from Sweden are doing an exceptional job in sorting. 

It is always a pleasure to receive shipments from these companies, as we already know everything will go smoothly and as instructed. With such great collaboration we make recycling of material more efficient!

”Here at the warehouse we often admire the precision with which the material is sorted by them. Thanks on our behalf!”

Joe Saarinen, Warehouse Manager


A top moment in 2023 was giving life to Marimekko’s left over material in the new Kioski t-shirt. 25% of the garment is recycled fibre produced by Rester, created from the side streams and leftovers of Marimekko’s own production. This goes to prove that recycled fibre is a great material for even the most demanding, high-quality textiles.

Marimekko has an ambitious sustainability strategy (https://www.marimekko.com/fi_fi/vastuullisuus/teot-ja-tavoitteet) and takes concrete action to show everyone how to take circular economy from vision to everyday business, tackling the challenges and mental barriers as they go.

”We share Marimekko’s view that positive change will not happen by itself, it needs long term efforts and shared passion from partners. As a bonus, collaborating with the Marimekko team is super inspiring and rewarding!” 

Kirsi Jaakkola, R&D Manager

Read more about our collaboration: https://www.marimekko.com/us_en/sustainability/products-of-tomorrow/rester


We are very inspired by our collaboration with Södra. Södra’s progress reassures us that circular textile solutions at industrial scale are not just visionary dreams but achievable goals. In our partnership, we have found an environment of trust, learning and finding solutions together. 

During 2023 we have accumulated so much know-how together and working with Södra feels like we are a joint team, with shared vision and view on next steps. The clients of Rester who deliver their end-of-life textiles to the OnceMore® process (https://www.sodra.com/en/global/pulp/oncemore/four-year-anniversary/), appreciate the fact that their textiles will continue their life in a variety of collections for various brands.

“It is also nice to be able to tell your friends, where products with OnceMore® can be found!”

Anna-Kaisa Huttunen, Director of partnerships


Touchpoint has joined Rester as a brave explorer, a pioneer in the textiles industry, putting significant effort into finding a more sustainable way of recycling end-of-life textiles. It takes nerve to be the first, to show with actions that they are serious. A lot of walking, not only talking. 

To be able to start up Rester is one thing, the other recognized by our esteemed judge panel is creating the ReTouch-fabric, the first real option for closed loop material to the workwear industry. A fabric woven from ReTouch uses more than 10% recycled fibre, manufactured by Rester from end-of-life workwear. It certainly is a small step for the person wearing the garment, but a huge leap for an entire industry..

“It certainly is a small step for the person wearing the garment, but a huge leap for an entire industry” 

Minna Ainonen, HSE Manager


The green transition requires systemic change, committed individuals and companies that genuinely seek change and are ready to invest in change. Without innovation efforts, a natural culture of change to utilize the opportunities of the circular economy will not be born. Freudenberg has ignited a flame and an understanding of the role of product development in this change. A completely new competitive advantage and market power can be created for the company with a renewed product portfolio, although it takes time and requires agility from the organization. Working with Freudenberg’s team is an example of the will to make change happen.

”Some companies talk, some special ones walk, results to be seen. “

Outi Luukko, Advisor


Within its value chain, Vilikkala represents open-mindedness, a bold entrepreneurial spirit, innovation and a combination of craftmanship. It’s the will that decides, even the smallest can rise to the occasion.

“If only all companies could find this agility combined with perseverance, the world would already be faaaaaar on the development curve of the circular economy. May the green power be with you.”

Johanna Lindholm-Järvinen, Circular sales Manager

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