We create a new life
for textile fibers.

Rester is a Finnish company offering textile recycling solutions and enabling the recovery of business textiles into a new textile fibre and quality raw material.

Rester process

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End-of-life textile reception

Our circular economy plant in Paimio accepts clean and sorted end-of-life textiles from companies and refines the fibres into a new, quality raw material.

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Mechanical recycling process

Buttons, zippers, etc. are first removed from the textiles. The textiles are then cut into patches and textiles are mechanically opened to fibres.

During the process, the textile grades can also be mixed so that desirable outcome is achieved.

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From high-quality recycled fibres to end products

The opened fibre is baled and supplied to the operators of various industries as raw material for further refinement.

Rester recovered fibre can be used, for example, to manufacture yarn, fabric and various non-woven materials such as insulation, acoustic panels and filter fabrics, as well as composite.

Our goal

Rester is a leading global forerunner in building textile recovery value chains.

We act as a bridge between different sectors in the development of the textile circular economy.

Our customers consist of companies using textiles and producing end-of-life textiles, as well as companies that can utilise Rester recycled fibre in their production or products.

By using 1,000 kg of
Rester recovered fibre, saves
1,5 million liters of water on average and
reduced greenhouse gas emissions (CO2-ekv.)
by 5000 kg.