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Now Sverre W. Monsen recycles end-of-life textiles! 

Textile manufacturer Sverre W. Monsen (SWM) has started extensive work to collect and recycle end-of-life textiles. To date, Sverre W. Monsen has collected and sent over 22 tonnes of discarded textiles to Finland, where the textiles are given a new life.  

– We are the leading supplier of workwear, uniforms, bedlinen, towels and other textiles to the large consumer market in Norway. Then it is our responsibility to take the lead and set industry standards for environmentally friendly solutions, says marketing manager of Sverre W. Monsen Ove Jarland Røed

To implement the measure, Sverre W. Monsen has entered into a collaboration with the Finnish recycling player Rester Ltd, and Sverre W Monsen signed a collaboration deal with Rester third of December 2021. Rester is a leading global forerunner in building textile recovery value chains. Rester’s mechanical processing plant creates new raw materials from the end-of-life textiles and side streams of industry. 

-Sverre W. Monsen is taking a major step to reach their goals for sustainability and CO2 reductions. This is exactly what market leaders should do, executing responsibility by concrete actions showing the path for others!  The first conversation we had with Børre Myklebust started a dynamic and enthusiastic conversation and solution driven collaboration over the boarders. SWM has high understanding of the sustainability issues plus a strong will to solve the problems – even this is not yet on mandatory level – that will surely give them competitive edge which they deserve, says CEO of Rester Ltd Outi Luukko

The technology for recycling the textiles has not been good enough, and it has been difficult to come up with profitable business models. Therefore, it has taken time to speed up the circular economy in the textile industry. But now the arrows are pointing in the right direction, and Rester’s knowledge  and know-how of textiles circular economy and value chains is just what textile industry has been missing in Scandinavia. It is also important to mention that the Rester team has true passion for what they are doing, and we at Sverre W. Monsen really look forward to work with Rester.  

– For the time being, this is a cost for us, but we have big environmental ambitions and must take responsibility and set strict requirements for our business. The collaboration with Rester is a good start, and our long-term goal is to collect and recycle as much discarded textiles as possible from our customers, says Røed. 

-Forerunners will be winners! We are most delighted and proud to work with SWM, says Luukko. 

Contact information: 

Sverre W. Monsen

Børre Myklebust 

Supply Chain Manager 

Mobile: +47 90 54 06 16 


Rester Ltd

Outi Luukko, CEO, Rester
+358 400 406083

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