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Our customers consist of companies using textiles and therefor producing end-of-life textiles or production sideflows.

We accept clean, dry and sorted end-of-life textiles from companies and sideflows of production. Received material fractions are at the moment cotton, polyester, cotton-polyester, wool, polypropylene and mixed materials.

If You have questions about household or in other words consumer waste textiles, please
contact Lounais-Suomen j√§tehuolto: www.lsjh.fi.

Before Your company can deliver end-of-life textiles to Rester You must make an delivery agreement. After that we give instructions about collection, sorting and delivery.

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At the moment we accept cotton, polyester, cotton-polyester, polyester-cotton, wool, polypropylene and mixed textiles. Collection and sorting intructions you get from us.

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We offer recycling services to companies which means that their textiles will be opened to fibre level. Among other things annual end-of-life textile quantaties and quality of the materials effect to the pricing.

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Our facility is modern mechanical recycling plant. First buttons, zippers, etc. are removed from the textiles. After that textiles are cutted into patches and textiles are mechanically opened to fibres. During the process, textile grades can also be mixed so that desirable outcome is achieved.

From Rester recycled fibres can be manufactured for example to yarn, different kinds of nonwoven materials like insulation, acoustics panel and filter fabric and composite.

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Yes, we accept companies end- of-life textiles from countries nearby therefor also from Sweden.

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There is no reuse of end-of-life textiles as it stands in Rester process rather end-of-life textiles mechanical opening till fiber level. Therefor Rester process is secure for companies.

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