Rester Ltd and Vileda Professional Finland are beginning a collaboration in textile circular economy

The textile circular economy is moving fast forward and interest of end-of-life textile recycling and therefor Resters`s circular economy facility is continuously growing. Companies are thinking again their own business models on circular aspect.

Now Rester has started a collaboration with Vileda Professional Finland. At the begining of this collaboration Vileda`s production sideflows are coming to recycling to Rester to be refined mechanically to recycled fibres. Production sideflows are just a beginning of this great collaboration and together we pursue to solve challenges towards our common vision ergo a new life for end-of-life textiles.

Environmental savings are in key position in this collaboration. When Vileda`s production sideflows are being recycled in Rester`s mechanical recycling process there comes also natural resource savings. When Vileda`s production sideflows are recycled in Rester process it means that 1000 kilos of end-of-life textiles accumulates 4500 kilos CO2eq of greenhouse gas savings.

Both companies have great drive to advance textiles circular economy. In the future this collaboration has already next business models that advance circularity under planning and other development ideas that evoke enthusiasm. More of these later, so stay tuned!

Rester Ltd is a Finnish company offering textile recycling solutions and enabling the recovery of business textiles into a new textile fibre and quality raw material.Vileda Professional Finland develop and manufacture leading cleaning solutions to professional use to several fields like health care, controlled environments, public buildings as well as hotel and catering businesses.

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