From end-of-life textiles to recycled fibres – Rester aims to get fibres to circulate back to textile

The recycling of textiles is setting of strongly. The building of end-of-life textile refinement plant in Paimio has been completed in February and it`s equipment has started its journey from France to Finland. The aim of Rester is to exploit its b-to-b partners end-of-life textiles and waste flows of industry.

The central questions are where recyclable materials comes from and to whom handled fibres are going. First question is already quite well solved, main features being good quality of textiles and precise knowledge of the origin of the materials. Answer to the second question becomes clear after the launch of production lines. Partners can be very diverse from fabric and furniture manufacturers to construction and car industries.

One of the essential things is to find the best use and operating efficiency to all the materials. Resters objective is to get the recycled fibres to circulate back to textiles. Recycled fibres could replace for example 20 percent of used materials.

End-of-life refinement plant seeks a new outset for Finnish textile industry. Rester envisions that in the future there could be full textile based circular economy cluster in Paimio where refinement and reuse of fibres unites.

Original article: Tekniikka&Talous 5.3.2021, Rosa Lampela “Jätteestä jalostukseen”