Finnish innovations to textile circular economy are getting notice: Developing textile industry to more sustainable direction

Finland offers ground-breaking solutions and know-how to handling of the growing number of end-of-life textiles in a sustainable and circular way. Rester collaborates closely with LSJH bringing together the private and public sector in textile waste handling and together they are opening a textile refinement plant in Paimio. Plant is predicted to be one of the biggest textile refinement plants in Northern Europe.

Textile refinement plant is going to handle end-of-life textiles and surplus materials from industrial processes. At the beginning plant is going to process 12,000 tonnes of textiles annually but aim is to double the capacity in the future.

Business Finland article presents leading Finnish experts on textile circular economy. Along with Rester, NordShield®, Emmy, Spinnova ja Infinited Fiber Company are innovatively developing the textile ecosystem to more sustainable direction.